Product design & development

Production costings & evaluation – check your product will meet your cost targets before spending capital

Tooling quotation & supply

Tooling design, mounting & frame specification

Tooling delivered to your manufacturer ready for production

Tool trialling prior to delivery

Off tool samples delivered to your desk prior to export of tooling

Cross check of moulding machine compatibility with your tooling size and design

Experience, skills & capability to supply

Rotational moulding offers significant advantages over many  moulding methods. It has flexible design parameters in that several parts can be combined into one single moulding. The consistent wall thickness and moulding process delivers a virtually stress free part.

Advantages of Rotational Moulding:

  • Flexible design
  • Cost saving, Low minimum run size
  • Tooling costs can be less than other moulding methods
  • Parts offer strength & toughness
  • UV stable and outdoor suitable materials make it simple to build products which are ideal for outdoor use and storage

Product Lab has 16 years experience in the design of Roto products – from Automotive through to Agriculture. We have many relationships with moulders in Australia and can assist you to not only design your product but deliver tooling into a moulder near you ready for production – We can save you time and money on your next development.

Our partner company in Ningbo, China has been casting and building tools for us since 2001 – we operate in co-operation with our Chinese partners and offer a full service from moulding through to casting and machining of tooling.

To discuss your project or requirements please make contact with us and we will be happy to discuss your requirement confidentially either in person or over the phone.